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Glory Co.

A specialized trading company in the international trade, especially the export of Sudanese corps. Incorporated in the United Arab Emirates and benefiting from its presence in the free zones in Dubai and Fujairah and benefiting from economic openness, advanced infrastructure, in addition to the strong Banking system.

Omdebakrat Trading Enterprise

An economic enterprise working in the import with high professionalism and accumulated experience and knowledge of the markets and the continuous change in the needs of customers, markets and assemblies. It is our priority to identify these needs to provide products and services that meet their expectations .It is based in Khartoum, the capital and commercial and financial center

Jewel Enterprise For Import And Export

An economic trading enterprise dealing in export of Sudanese crops to the overseas markets and supporting the national economy with hard currencies.

jewel enterprise for import and export has global reputation in marketing Sudanese products in superior ways. Our products have reached Chinese and Indian markets. Its main objective is to open new markets and provide high quality. Approach and leadership, and this is the best way we see to achieve our long-term vision

Darb Elsalama For Land Transport Co

The Group owns a fleet of transport trucks that transport the group’s exports to Port Sudan and transport the group’s imports inland from Port Sudan to serve the internal market.

The company has experience in the field of logistics and loading and unloading, and a team of drivers trained and managed by a wise management that has experience over the years